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Manifesto (2015)
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Linsey Wellman – alto saxophone

Enregistré live au studio DAÏMÔN à Hull, Manifesto est parfois strident, parfois pensif, et toujours dans le moment. C’est un document d’un soliste dans son élément et au plein vol.

Recorded in live performance at DAÏMÔN in Hull, Manifesto is by turns strident and pensive, and always in the moment. It is a record of a soloist in his element, and in full flight.

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Ephemera: for solo saxophone / pour saxophone solo (2010)
Linsey Wellman – alto saxophone
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Linsey Wellman – alto saxophone

Unadorned except for his saxophone, Wellman uses repeated and carefully divided lines to vibrate split tones which are somehow both polyphonic and tonic. Using circular breathing he produces equivalent note clusters and glissandi that unroll as if his saxophone is a perpetual motion machine yet subtly vary in pitch, shading and emphasis. – Ken Waxman